Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About Personal Information Protection

HIND HYDRAULICS & ENGINEERS (PROP. HIND FLUID POWER PVT. LTD.) (Hereinafter called HIND) is supposed to collect/utilize the information of Email Address, Name, Address, Telephone Number, etc. from customers (hereinafter called C) who use this website operated by HIND.
HIND shall recognize that the proper protection of this information (hereinafter called "Personal Information") is required with severe responsibility and HIND shall deal with "Personal Information" in the following direction to perform this responsibility. HIND shall not be involved in trade, swap or/and any abuse of "Personal Information".

Purpose for collecting Personal Information

Purpose for utilizing Personal Information is to be specified, informed and/or announced in public in the process of collection. Personal Information is to be dealt with according to the purpose for utilization as follows.
  1. For the purpose of utilization in the service which is offered to C by HIND.
  2. For the purpose of proper notification of Contents/Information on Construction.
  3. For the purpose of HIND's contact with C when necessary.

Release of Personal Information

Personal Information shall be released without notice in following case.
  1. In the case it is called for by Police, Court and other Governmental Organization with Warrant and Order.
  2. In the case of necessity for the protection of People's Life, Body and/or Property, and also of difficulty in securing C's consent.

Management of Personal Information

Personal Information is under HIND's proper control. Moreover maximum care is to be taken for the protection of Leakage, Loss and Damage.
  1. Clear regulations of procedure in dealing with Personal Information are to be settled and shared by staffs concerned.
  2. Strict proper care in dealing with Personal Information is to be required also with Business connection. and
  3. HIND is open to requests for Release, Correction, Elimination and Stoppage of Utilization from C concerning Personal Information which HIND possesses.