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Plastic & Powder Compacting

Plastic & Powder Compacting

Our Compression and Transfer moulding Presses Mould Complex Parts with Minimum Scrap and Optimized Cycle Times

This line of presses uses vast variety of materials. We ask you to bring your requirement to us and we will provide you with the best solution. To list a few applications, Hind supplies hydraulic presses for a broad range of plastic and compacting applications including:
  • Thermoset plastics
  • Thermoplastic
  • Brake Lining and Brake Pads Presses
Disc Brake Pad Moulding Presses

Disc Brake Pad Moulding Presses

Brake Lining Press

400 Ton Brake Lining Press

Flattening Presses

400 Ton Flattening Presses

60 Ton Press

250 Ton Press

Face Moulding Press

Multi-station Clutch face moulding press

Features (Standard and Optional):

These type of presses are supplied with a wide variety of standard and optional features including:
  • Temperature compensated, self-lubricated or automatic grease lubrication package
  • Core/ejector package
  • Platen locking device
  • Side access for automation or tool change
  • Rolling bolsters
  • Intelligent platen parallelism package
  • Automated clamping package
  • Mold or platen heating packages

Products & Application