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Hydroforming is a metal forming process where malleable metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass can be cost-effectively shaped to get lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces. In hydroforming the shape and size is no barrier, most complex shapes can be hydroformed using the right hydroforming method.

Hydroforming can be classified as:

  • Sheet metal hydroforming
  • Tube hydroforming

Tube hydroforming process

We at Hind Hydraulics have developed the process of tubular hydroforming and have achieved great success in the development of many parts for the automobile industry like:

  1. Engine cradle
  2. Front end structure
  3. Instrumental panel beam
  4. Radiator enclosure
  5. Roof rail
  6. And many more

We provide complete solution for the hydroforming application including:

  1. Part feasibility study
  2. Cycle time study
  3. Hydroforming press design and manufacturing
  4. Hydroforming tool design and manufacturing
  5. Complete hydroforming cell design and manufacturing
  6. Pre and post hydroforming activities
  7. Prototyping
  8. Turn-key projects
  9. Hydroformed part manufacturing

And other related activities



Products & Application