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Assembly Presses

Assembly Presses

Hind brand of Automatic, High Speed and Tooled Up Assembly Presses find its use in various assembly lines which include:

  • Crank shaft assembly
  • Cam shaft assembly
  • Gear train assembly
  • engine assembly
  • Automotive steering assembly
  • Bearing Assembly
  • Pin pressing
  • Automotive frame assembly
  • Race cone pressing
  • Shock absorber assembly
  • Axle hub assembly
  • many more
Motors Cycle Frame Assembly

Motor cycle frame assembly

Scooter Frame Assembly Line

Scooter frame assembly line

C Frame Assembly

C Frame Planetary gear assembly

Pneumatic Assembly Press

Pneumatic Assembly Press

Shock Absorber Assembly Line

Shock Absorber Assembly line

4 Pillar Type Assembly Press

4 Pillar Type Assembly press

Crank Shaft Assembly Line

Tooled up Crank shaft assembly line


  • Rugged Design
  • Advanced Controls using Touch Screen Panel
  • In process inspection for assembly verification
  • Poka Yoke for operator safety
  • Precision depth control using Linear Scales
  • Load cells for very accurate pressing loads
  • Go/ No Go and part verification after the cycle completion
  • Automatic  cycle count
  • SPC study
  • Quick die change package
  • Die parking area
  • Automatic lubrication
  • preventative maintenance alerts
  • many more 

Available in Hydraulic & Pneumatic Operations

Hydraulic C frame Presses from 1 Ton to 600 Tons Capacity & more

Hydraulic Pillar Type from 5 Ton to 2000 Tons Capacity

Pneumatic C frame from 0.5 to 5 Ton Capacity

All major automotive OEM’s are using only Hind Assembly Presses for all the above applications.

Products & Application